Steve Hunter
3 March

If you believe the answer is 'yes', or at least 'yes for certain aspects of IT', then what qualification would be necessary to allow it to be regarded as a profession? What should be the governing body be? What is the code of conduct?

Some may ask whether we will still have IT departments in ten years' time or if IT will be just another utility.

I believe that certain parts of IT have the characteristics of a profession, and should have the associated processes and trappings of a profession. But IT today is such a broad area that it tend to be dragged down to the lowest function.

The BCS has recently re branded itself, not just with a new green logo (see, but as "The Chartered Institute for IT" with aspirations to promote wider social and economic progress through the advancement of information technology science and practice.

It has repositioned its Chartered IT Professional status. In future, entry to CITP will be harder. They have also introduced a Certificate of Current Competence that will need to be renewed every five years. They have aspirations, apparently backed by the Cabinet Office that certain public sector projects will need CITP participation.

Should IT companies have corporate membership and give greater recondition to professional IT qualifications such as CITP accreditation and the new Certificate of Current Competence? I suspect most companies do not even know who its CITPs are!

Does there need to be a code of conduct for IT practitioners? There is a code of ethics that is more focused on corporate business than individual behaviour . See for the BCS's version of a Code of Conduct.

The BCS provide a number of IT (ISEB) qualifications that IT companies can make informal use of. Should these qualification be more formerly reconnoitred with company sectors/projects?

I think companies should consider becoming a corporate member of the BCS and acknowledge/promote CITP as a required qualification for at least Technical Architects and possible other roles. Greater participation in BCS events and technical groups would help raise the company's profile, and could well enhance career aspirations.


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